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I have an extensive background in critical and creative writing. Here you can read a few samples of some of my existing work in adaptation, translation, educational context, and original writing.

Gaiety Theatre Project.

Gaiety Theatre Project. A multi-panel window display on Boston's theatre history for Kensington Place, a high-rise condo built on the site of the former Gaiety Theatre. Trace Design Group.

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Program Note.

A sample program note.

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Sample image research.

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We All Have the Same Story.

We All Have the Same Story. A new translation of the play by Dario Fo & Franca Rame.

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The Clytemnestriad.

The Clytemnestriad. A modern reinterpretation of the Orestia and Iphigenia plays from the perspective of the women in the story. How does a family find justice in an unjust world and end the cycle of revenge? Photo by Louise Hamill featuring Jade Guerra for Fresh Ink Theatre.

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Last Night Cabaret.

Last Night Cabaret, an original play.

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